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Within the current environment it is important that we continue to prioritise the safety of ourselves and those around us. This includes safety precautions to ensure we do not put ourselves or others at risk while flying.

To assist in managing these risks RAAus recommends members continue to follow recommended guidelines from the Department of Health.

The Club House remains open to local and visiting pilots and passengers and great facilities are available. Visitors are kindly requested to use the hand sanitiser provided and observe the social distancing guidelines.


The Griffith Aero Club has been in continuous operation since 1946 and has provided pilot training in a range of aircraft types.

The Griffith Aero Club currently operates 2 Jabiru J-230 single engine Recreational category aircraft and provides training and endorsements to Recreational Pilot Certificate level under Recreational Aviation Australia.

Private hire of General Aviation and Recreational Aviation aircraft is available to licensed pilots.

Gift Vouchers are available and a great idea for someone to experience a trial flight or their first flying lesson!

Club Membership applications are welcomed and a form is available at the foot of this page and also on the Contacts Page.

Looks like somethings going on here? Watch this space to find out more.


While the recent website has served the club well, the Griffith Aero Club website is currently undergoing redevelopment. There are a lot of changes taking place and more to come as it all comes together. There are a number of things in the pipeline so please bear with us and check back to see what's been added, especially as things return to normal after the restrictions from the virus are relaxed.


Griffith is vibrant multicultural city with a population of over 25,000. The area is also famous for its wine making with some of well known wineries situated around the town.

Griffith has an abundance of fine restaurants, cafes, sporting facilities, clubs, shopping, educational and social facilities.

The city is an ideal location for learning to fly or visit as the area has an abundance of clear blue skies and great flying weather. The Aero club is situated on the outskirts of the city.

Griffith is located in the heart of the Riverina's wine grape, citrus, rice, cotton, wheat, canola, sheep and cattle producing region of New South Wales. For more information about Griffith follow the links to the Visitor Information Centre website or the Visit Griffith website.


Please use the CONTACT page for information about the Griffith Aerodrome.

Jabiru J-230 CFI Rob Robilliard